Analog Arts is an ensemble and production company with a track record of highly eclectic projects.

Initially performing as the Analog Music Ensemble in 2001, the group’s first concert was organized by two trumpeters who sought to continue their creative collaboration, though separated by some 400 miles. That first performance in a one-room stone church deep in the Maryland countryside planted the seeds of an idea that would finally take root with the creation of Analog Arts three years later.

That year, Analog established ARTSaha!, a new music festival based in Omaha. Over the five years of its operation, ARTSaha! presented everything from retrospectives of Samuel Beckett, to a chamber reduction of Rameau’s Les Fêtes d’Hébé, as well as a performance of Ballet Mécanique with the film, a symphony of automobiles, and an Aeolian Kite-In.

Since 2007, Analog has produced the Iron Composer competition, which pits five composers against each other in an intensive day of writing, rehearsing, and performance. In addition to live events, Analog Arts has released recordings by Monument Piano Trio, Darius Skoraczewski, Bruce Friedman & Motoko Honda, as well as its own performances. Its forthcoming release showcases recordings of an 1895 music box manufactured by the Regina Company in Rahway, New Jersey.

As a non-profit corporation, funding for Analog’s programs has come from Meet the Composer, the Nebraska Arts Council, the Nebraska Humanities Council, as well as corporations like Microsoft and Fidelity Insurance. Analog’s institutional partners include WCLV FM 104.9, Baldwin-Wallace College, the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and the Bemis Center for the Arts.