Artist: The Coldwater Trio
Title: Live at the Battery Books and Music
Label: ANALOG arts
Released: December 5, 2018

Retailers: Bandcamp


Haskel Joseph (guitar), Michael Intriere (cello) and Bruce Friedman (trumpet) are seasoned Los Angeles-based new music improvisers. Collectively drawing on their checkered musical experiences in free improvisation, jazz, blues, experimental, pop and “serious” music, these players have created a unique, chamber-music approach to group improvisation with The Coldwater Trio.


Recorded live at The Battery Books and Music, Pasadena, CA.
October 19, 2017.


Recorded and Produced by Tony Greene


1. Lento 07:18[audio:]
2. Tar Pit 06:49[audio:]
3. Point Dume 07:08[audio:]
4. Pixelation 11:36[audio:]
5. Parenthetical 07:23[audio:]
6. Fiction 05:29[audio:]
7. Pico 09:41[audio:]