Musical Offering

Presented as part of ARTSaha 2005

August 20, 2005, 7 PM

First Central Congregational Church

Omaha, NE

Bach’s Musical Offering was presented in four simultaneous performances throughout the campus of the church. The audience had complete freedom to come and go from each presentation as they wished. Interspersed throughout the church, was a special electronic transmission of the crab canon from the Offering.




Ricercar a 3

Ricercar a 6

Canonic Fugue


Trio Sonata


Allegro moderato


Allegro non troppo



1. a 2 Crab Canon

2. a 2 Violini in Unisono

3. a 2 In Contrary Motion

4. a 2 In Contrary Motion in Augmentation

5. a 2 In Circular Tonality Perpetual Canon on the Royal Theme

Canon a 2: In Reverse Contrary Motion

Canon a 4 Perpetual Canon




Main Sanctuary

Stephen Bouma, Organ


Fireside Room

Christopher Hake, violin

Marcia Kamper, flute

Marilyn Kielniarz, harpsichord


Memorial Chapel

Mark Barnette, tuba

Joe Drew, trumpet

Rudolf Kamper, trumpet

Ross Snyder, horn

Jay Wise, trombones



Matt Arbeiter, marimba

Jason Domoncos, marimba

Michael Pollock, marimba

Tomm Roland, marimba