In C

A festivity for Thalia, Nymph, and Muse of Poetry and Comedy
In the form of a collaborative performance
With members of ANALOG arts ensemble & UNO Students
On the fifth day of Artsaha, on the 10th day of September

At half past seven o’clock

In which they will perform:

Terry Riley, In C






Written in 1964, In C is remains a touchstone for so much of modern music. The original score called for a beautiful girl to play the two uppermost C’s on a piano in an eighth-note pulse, while an ensemble of indeterminate size cycled through a series of 50-some motifs all based in the key of C Major. The members of the ensemble can move through the motifs as quickly or as slowly as they desire, and Riley only asks that the ensemble never be more than four or five motifs away from each other. With such an open form, the piece could last for hours, days, or even years. (Rene Edmunds)





UNO students perform IN C

UNO students perform IN C



Denis Fitzpatrick & ANALOG perform In C

Joe Drew, Darci Griffith, Mark Barnette & Denis Fitzpatrick perform In C