Field Recordings – Found Sound

Wednesday, April 25, 2007 10:30 p.m.

Galapagos Art Space

Brooklyn, NY


Johnny & Joe curate an evening of found sounds & field recordings with Loop 2.4.3 and members of Object Collection & Arsenic-Free Music. Featuring a mix of original music and works by Samuel Beckett, Steve Reich, Velvet Underground, and more, the evening winds up with an after-hours remix by various artists experimenting with some of the program’s source material.



Samuel Beckett, Quad (Arranged by J. Drew)

Steve Reich, Pendulum Music

Johnny Chang, LOS ANGELES TRANSCRIPTIONS6: il corral*

Eric km Clark, Slaughter Series

Joe Drew, Arena

Joe Drew, In Search of Found Laughter*

Thomas Kozumplik, Mantra

Rudolf Kamper, Number 25*

Loop 2.4.3, Chickchi

Devin Maxwell, Music for Spaceships: The Battle of Los Angeles*

Oznog Petersen, Slideshow

Nigel Rawles, Holland Tunnel, 5:00 PM*

Velvet Underground, The Gift


* world premiere



Christina Carr, Voice

Johnny Chang, violin, harmonica, amp

Eric km Clark, violin

Joe Drew, walker, trumpet, harmonica, amp

Travis Just, walker, melodica

Rudolf Kämper, trumpet

Thomas Kozumplik, percussion, amp

Devin Maxwell, bass

Katie Porter, clarinet

Nigel Rawles, drums, jokes

Lorne Watson, percussion, amp

Ward White, Narrator