Iron Composer Omaha

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

7:30 PM

Strauss Performing Arts Center

Omaha, NE



Colin Breen, composer

Luke Furman, composer, Winner – 1st Prize ($500)

Mark Diischer, composer, Winner – 2nd Prize ($250)

David von Kampen, composer, Winner – 3rd Prize ($100)

Timothy James Vallier, composer


Kate Arceneaux, horn

Darci Gamerl, oboe

Maria Harding, flute

Marcia Kamper, flute

John Klinghammer, clarinet and judge

Tomm Roland, percussion


Hal France, emcee

Bill Dougherty, judge

Thomas Wilkins, judge



Luke Furman, Propeller Z

Mark Diischer, Jetting Atmospheres

David von Kampen, In the Sky

Colin Breen, Meet George

Timothy James Vallier, Glass Factory

Luciano Berio, Opus Number Zoo

Kenton Bales, Dancing on Tuesday*

*world premiere



Quite literally “The Future of Music: Now”, Iron Composer Omaha is an instant composition contest modeled on the legendary Japanese cooking show wherein contestants have to create a multi-course meal in the space of one hour centered around a secret ingredient.


At noon today, the five finalists were told what type of ensemble the would be writing for and the secret ingredient was revealed. They had to submit a final score and parts within five hours. ANALOG has had just under two hours to prepare them for performance, and our distinguished panel of judges will decide who is the Iron Composer.