Loadbang, "Monodramas"


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Artist: loadbang
Title: monodramas
Labels: ANALOG arts
Release Date: November 5, 2014


Monodramas is the first full-length album from ‘formidable new-music force’ loadbang, a quartet comprised of trumpet, trombone, bass clarinet, and baritone voice. It features new theatrical works by Hannah Lash, Andy Akiho, Paul Pinto, and Eve Beglarian that tell solitary but universal stories – monodramas. Each piece explores the porous boundary between voice and instrument where sonic and expressive capabilities blend.


Each of the new works explores a different approach to telling a story. Hannah Lash’s Stoned Prince is a tragicomic psychological portrait of Prince Harry, the rascal royal; Andy Akiho’s Six Haikus takes an abstracted and rhythmic approach to telling a story of desire and loneliness; Paul Pinto’s g3db.Did0 (goodbye, Dido) explodes an iconic moment from operatic history; and Eve Beglarian’s Island of the Sirens explores the point at which the intensity of personal experience is impossible to convey.



Hannah LASH Stoned Prince
Eve BEGLARIAN Island of the Sirens
Andy AKIHO Six Haikus
Paul PINTO g3db.Did0 (goodbye, Dido)