ARTSaha! 2008 logo ARTSaha! was Omaha’s new music festival from 2004–2008. The festival grew quickly after its first season. In just its second year, Omaha’s weekly entertainment paper cited it as a cultural highlight of the year. The growth in sponsorships and grant funding allowed ANALOG to bring in a wide range of artists and produce an eclectic lineup of events.

Highlights of the festival included:

* The US premieres of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Cosmic Pulses and Friday’s Greeting.
* The creation of the Iron Composer competition in 2007.
* Only the 4th US performance of the original version of Ballet Mécanique.
* A retrospective of the short plays of Samuel Beckett.
* The world premieres of two rhythm studies by Conlon Nancarrow

Much of the content from the festival’s official website ( is archived here.

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ARTSaha! has been dedicated to bringing new music to Omaha since its creation in 2004. Produced by the non-profit arts collective ANALOG arts ensemble, the festival offers up a diverse mix of events each year, from traditional concerts to interactive installations and beyond.

Since 2006, ARTSaha! has been produced in partnership with the University of Nebraska at Omaha with key support from the Department of Music

ARTSaha! 2008 is supported by a grant from the Nebraska Arts Council.

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