Artist: ANALOG arts ensemble

Title: smith.

Labels: ANALOG arts

Release Date: June 24, 2007

Retailers: iTunes, eMusic, Amazon


smith. includes the soundtracks for two short films by ANALOG member Gordon Smith. The music for Burgle was recorded in two sessions. In the first, a Rhodes/bass/drums trio laid down the soul jazz grooves of each track live. In the second, Joe Drew overdubbed all the horn parts. The Ramsey Lewis-style tunes compliment the short heist film Smith crafted while in school at USC.


The pulsing electro trip of Dreamreader Blues accompanies the flight of the heroine of Smith’s film by the same name. She’s a low level functionary in a future where dreams are cataloged and monitored. Trapped in a dream of her own, she tries to escape the always inescapable Fate.



Track Information

01. “Burgle Theme” [01:37]

02. “Camille” [02:32]

03. “Heist” [01:16]

04. “Dreamreader Blues” [2:26]

Tracks 01-03:

Joseph Drew: horns, keys

Nigel Rawles: drums

Pemberton Roach: bass

Recorded by Mic Rains @ 66 Rivington (NYC); and by Joseph Drew @ the LAB (NYC)

Track 04:

Recorded & Performed by Joseph Drew @ the LAB (NYC)



Listen to “Burgle Theme”

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