Artist: Loop 2.4.3

Title: Zodiac Dust

Labels: ANALOG arts/Music Starts From Silence

Release Date: June 16, 2009

Retailers: iTunes, CDBaby, Loop 2.4.3

Press Kit


ANALOG partnered with Brooklyn-based label Music Starts From Silence to release the sophomore album by percussion duo Loop 2.4.3. Longtime ANALOG members, Loop 2.4.3 have been performing on the indie chamber music scene for almost a decade. Pairing original music by Thomas Kozumplik and Lorne Watson with fierce chops and a vast tonal palette, Loop 2.4.3’s concerts are fantastic displays of percussion wizardry.


Zodiac Dust is a 45-minute head trip, a throwback to days of yore when bands like Return to Forever or King Crimson would take listeners on an instrumental sonic adventure. The similarities stop there, though. Zodiac Dust sounds like a collaboration between Harry Partch and Brian Eno, pairing homemade instruments with ambient textures.



From “The Songs We Can’t Escape”, by Ray Cummings, City Pages.


LOOP 2.3.4

The phrase that keeps repeating itself in my mind as Zodiac Dust revolves is “Steve Reich bubblegum.” And that’s no bad thing, no sir.